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Shocking Review: Eric Medemar’s Do This Get Money System and Ultimate Wholesaling System

UPDATE January 27, 2015 :  I’ve Finally Finished My Review Of the Do This Get Money System

"Eric Medemar's Do This Get Money Advanced Wholesale Training System"

The Do This Get Money Advanced Wholesaling System

Value $$$$$ 7 out of 5

Content $$$$$ 7 out of 5

Understandability $$$$$ 7 out of 5

You read that right I had to change the scale after seeing this one…

You guys have been begging for this and finally it’s done. Truthfully I planned to have this course reviewed weeks ago and only now have I finally finished it. Once you see inside what Eric has put together you’ll quickly understand why it took me nearly 6 weeks to finish and I’m STILL NOT FINISHED with it.

Many of you know that I was a big fan of Eric Medemar’s Ultimate Wholesaling System. Not only because he’s practically giving it away at only $97, even more important it’s a complete wholesaling system.

If you’ll remember back in October of 2009 we did our conference call with Eric Medemar and came right out and asked him if he planned on coming out with any new material. He only hinted there could be something in the works but at the time it seemed like nothing concrete. That’s why I was so exited when I saw he was releasing this new system.

I’ll be right up front, there was a part of me that didn’t believe he could improve much from his Ultimate Wholesaling System. Afterall his Ultimate Wholesaling System was not just cheap but it worked too Kind of a hard combination to improve on.

That’s why it didn’t surprise me at all to learn that instead of improving his system it seemed more like he expanded it. Do you know how sometimes you can’t know what you don’t know, till you learn something new and only then you realize you were missing something big? (Whoooooa what a mind bender) That’s what happened with me upon reviewing this system.

Module #1 Mental Acceleration Module- In this module for instance I learned some fascinating new things about why many of us get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis” and how easy it can be to conquer by doing just a few exercises that Eric had put together in this first module. This does seem to be something that set’s Eric system apart from many of the other systems that we’ve reviewed is that he teaches “mind stuff” so then the “Wholesaling stuff” comes easier.

Module #2 The Buyer Blitz Module was no doubt my favorite, it was the Buyer Blitz Module. Anyone who bought the Ultimate Wholesaling system will remember Eric’s Reverse MLS method and his HUD hound method. How could those two methods be improved on. Personally I didn’t think he could do it. HE DID!. In his new buyer module he shares 21 ways to find buyer and about 10 of them are equally as innovative as his HUD hound method and his Reverse MLS method.

Module #3 The Marketing Meltdown Module Was like getting a short cut MBA in marketing which is one of those areas that I didn’t know how much I was missing or how much it would help me until I actually listened to the module.

Module #4 The Realtor Reality Check Module For many of you this might be your favorite because in this one Eric touches on an area of investing that no other courses seems to teach which is how to handle dealing with Realtors. Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years now and Eric teaches you things about me that I certainly wouldn’t have wanted you to know.

Module #5 The Seller Slam Module- Like Eric say’s “Buyers and Sellers are about 90% of the wholesaling equation” which is why he goes into such great detail giving exact specific instructions about how to find motivated sellers in nearly every market.

Module #6 Website Warfare Module- If you somehow missed the boat and weren’t impressed like crazy by the previous 5 modules this one will blow you away because Eric practically takes you behind the scenes of the guru business and provides you with a flood of new insight about how he leverages the internet for his own business to make for even less work.

Remember earlier on in the review I said I hadn’t finished everyting yet? Because so many of you were asking I figured I’d release the first half of my review because there’s 6 more modules left after this one if you can believe that.

No, I haven’t officially finished this review, but I will say in just these first 6 modules I’ve gotten 10 TIMES my moneys worth.

BTW: Sometime soon I will finish my review of Eric’s course giving you the skinny on each of the remaining 6 modules of his Do This Get Money Advanced Wholesaling System.

Real Estate Investing Couse No Money Down investing package

Real Estate Investing Couse No Money Down Investing Package

If You’ve Bought This Product Please Leave A Comment Below Good or Bad, I Want Them All!

The Ultimate Wholesaling System 1 year Anniversary Package-

Value $$$$$ 5 out of 5

Content $$$$$ 5 out of 5

Understandability $$$$$ 5 out of 5

If it were possible to give this one a 10 out of 10 I would.  This is by far the most comprehensive system that I have evaluated in terms of content that will be useful during our current housing slump.  There are a couple of areas that I would like to see improved if the course were selling for over $500.00, but since it’s not, I would say the course is perfect as it is.

The wholesaling section of this course is filled with ideas that I have not seen anywhere else.  The profit stacking methods that Eric has taught in previous courses have now been updated to include both written and audio sections.  If you don’t know how to use profit stacking yet, then you are certainly missing out on one of the best investing tactics that I have come accross if you are not financible and don’t like risk.

The buyer/seller locating strategies are spot on and layed out in a very easy to understand fashion.  I should also note that these strategies will work for just about any niche of the investing world that you are planning on working in.

Eric calls his methods a “Paint by numbers” approach to real estate wholesaling, and from what I have read I would have to agree.  He has a great way of writing that avoids the typical filler info that I have come across in other courses and goes straight to the point.

Another fantastic read is the Real Estate Secret Investing Formula. In this 40 page Ebook Eric takes you to places that many investing courses dare not go.  He litterally takes you by the hand and helps you lay the foundation for finding success in your everyday life as well as your investing life.

The course also includes Eric’s Negotiation Nemesis System. I really like the simplicity of this part of the course.  Eric has laid out a guide and audio section for each part of the buying/selling equation.  He teaches sellers how to stick it to buyers and buyers how to stick it to sellers.  You will love this section.

Another great addition to this package is Housing Panic Profits. The section of his system is designed to show you the TOP 3 REAL ESTATE INVESTING STRATEGIES for making profits during our current housing slump.  My favorite part of this section is the lease option/wholesaling strategies.  I don’t want to give it away but this wholesaling/lease option combo might be the #1 STRATEGY THAT I HAVE COME ACROSS FOR TURNING PROFITS IN OUR CURRENT HOUSING SLUMP.

Basically this course provides absolutely everything that you will need to get started as a real estate investor whether you are just starting in the business with NO MONEY, and NO CREDIT or if you are an experienced pro, this system will add at least $20,000 per year to your profits.

To find out more info on this course visit:

Make it a great day,

Vanessa Clark

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Real Estate Investing Courses: Creative Real Estate Help Investing Course

Real Estate Investing Courses: Creative Real Estate Help
Creative Real Estate Help Investing Course

Creative Real Estate Help Investing Course

Value $$$$$ 5 out of 5

Content $$$$$ 5 out of 5

Understandability $$$$ 4 out of 5

I wanted to start off my Real Estate Investing Courses Blog with one of my favorite products to date. Dollar for dollar this may be the best real estate investing course that I have come across.

This investing course offers a base of knowledge for just about every niche of the real estate investing business, making it a great spot to start for just about anyone who wants to get involved in the real estate investing game.

Covered topics include:

  • Flipping and Wholesaling Course
  • Foreclosure Course
  • Subject To Course
  • Lease Options Course
  • Short Sale Course
  • Credit Repair Course
  • Real Estate Investing Forms and Agreements
  • Nationwide Directory of County Offices for Locating Tax Records.

As unbelievable as it sounds you get all of these things for $47, I have purchased similar products that did not offer even half of this information and I paid up to $700.00. To purchase simply visit the Creative Real Estate Website at

Best of all if you don’t like the system they offer an 8 week money back guarantee. I can’t imagine not liking this fantastic system though.

The only downfall I could find to this entire package was that there were no mp3 resources to listen to. Having said that, this course is so chalked full of valuable money making info I don’t think you will mind.

Please feel free to add your comments to this if you have purchased the course.

Make it a great week!

Vanessa Clark

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Real Estate Investing Courses: Real Estate Fortunes Investing Course

Real Estate Fortunes by Lou Varkas

Real Estate Fortunes by Lou Varkas

Value $$ 2 out of 5

Content $$ 2 out of 5

Understandability $$$ 3 out of 5

It’s not that this real estate investing course is a complete waste of your time, but your money could be much better spent elsewhere. If it were between buying nothing and buying this, I would still buy this course, but that might be the only circumstance under which I would buy.

This course offers nothing new in the realm of investing ideas. I would say it is kind of a dumbed down version of some of the better investing courses that I have bought.

The 3 FREE gifts are FREE for a reason, they offer little value and look better on the ad copy then they do on my computer.

If you are interested in purchasing this course visit

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Vanessa Clark

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Real Estate Investing Courses: Ultimate Bird Dog System

Real Estate Investing Courses: The Ultimate Bird Dog System

Real Estate Investing Courses: The Ultimate Bird Dog System

Value $$$$$ 5 out of 5

Content  $$$$ 4 out of 5

Understandibility $$$$ 5 out of 5

I first heard Eric Medemar speak at the REISummit 2008. Out of the 12 Experts on the panel Eric was one of the most informative and original Guys that I had heard. So I decided I better check out his course material.

I don’t know if he will be upset at me for sharing this with you….But I know he is offering a special 2 For the Price of 1 Real Estate Investing Course Special at

For $113.97 you get both his Ultimate Bird Dog System which I am reviewing here along with his Ultimate Wholesaling System. That saves you $113.97 if the link is still good. I don’t know when they will be taking the 2 for 1 offer away, so I will post links to the individual systems as well.

If you are unfamiliar with real estate bird dogging i will fill you in a minute.

Real estate bird dogs get paid by other investors for locating properties. Typical fees range from $500-$2,000 per sale. The part that many of you will fall in love with about real estate bird dogging is that it allows you to “Earn while you learn real estate investing” as Eric put’s it. Basically this course teaches you everything that you need to know about becoming a real estate bird dog.

One of the things that I liked best about the course materials is that it not only covered all of the basics of real estate bird dogging, but it also teaches you:

  • How to set and keep your goals
  • How to overcome your investing fears (very interesting)
  • How to work REI meeting for new contacts.
  • How to find buyers in any market (very original stuff)

This course is loaded to the max with every resource necessary to get started as a real estate bird dog. The course also includes:

  • Underground Profit Stacking Methods CD/MP3 (This was some material that I have never heard)
  • Finding buyers/motivated sellers in any market CD/MP3
  • Ultimate Real Estate Investing Goal Setting System CD/MP3/Guide
  • Bird Dogging Made Easy CD/MP3
  • Bird Dogging Forms
  • Inspection Cheat Sheets

Best of all he provides 5 years worth of updates to all course material for FREE. That means no more real estate investing courses for 5 years.

I don’t know how long the 2 for 1 special page will be up but that is at

If he no longer offers that special the link for the real estate bird dog course is

You can also visit that same link for your free “6 Steps To Real Estate Bird Dog Success Report”

Make it a great week!

Vanessa Clark

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