Diamonds In the Rough

(5 Dirt Cheap Investing Courses That Could Make You Rich)

It’s no secret that moneys getting difficult to come by here in America.  Many of us in the middle class are feeling the effects of the massive economic crunch in ways we could have never imagined.

I’m assuming since you’ve arrived at our website, you’ve already come to realize that real estate investing is still an extremely viable alternative for taking control of your financial future.

Having said that, we have assembled what our readers believe are the best low cost, high value investing education products available on the market today.

Before we get started with our list, I should tell you that many of our recommendations are Digital products rather than the traditional home study courses.  In our opinion. digital products are no different than traditional home study courses other than the format that they are delivered in.  By delivering your information in a digital format, costs can be kept extremely low over the traditional home study course format.

Let’s get started with our top 6 low cost, high value real estate investing courses….


100% Money Back 60 Day


$47 (No Audio)

$67 (With Audio)

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The Creative Real Estate System

The Creative Real Estate System is one of our absolute favorite systems for the newbie investor because it covers virtually every niche under the sun.  Here are just a few of the many topics that this course covers in detail.

    • Foreclosures

    • Lease Options

    • Credit Repair

    • Short Sales

    • Flipping

    • Subject-To’s

    • All Form’s and Agreements

We should also mention that these are just tiny little ebooks sprinkled with rehashed information.  Every single topic mentioned is covered in extensive detail.  Home Study courses similar to this routinely sell for $2000+.

You can get this entire system by Clicking Here for just $47 without audio or $67 with audio.


None needed it’s $1


$1 (48 Hours of Training)

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Boot Camp In A Box $1 Offer

Larry Goins Boot Camp In A Box $1 Offer is one of the best values online.  Yes, your going to get over 48 Hours of investor training videos for just a buck.

The video comes from a 3 day boot camp that Larry did a little while ago.  Those in attendance paid close to $1500. Now it’s your for $1

Here’s the thing, Larry’s going to give you 1 month free of his Investing newsletter along with your purchase.  Yep you guessed it, it’s a continuity program for his newsletter but it’s easy as pie to cancel.  Having said that, you may not want to cancel because it’s actually pretty darn informative.

This one is a must try, just give him a buck and give it a whirl…Even if you’re purchasing another one of the systems you better ad this one to the pack.

To see what were talking about just Click Here


60 Day 100% Money Back


$47 (Page says $39, it’s wrong)

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Ultimate Real Estate System

Ultimate Real Estate System From best selling author Robert Allen.  Okay first off, the website is messed up.  Last time we checked it offered the product for $39 but asked you to pay $47.

If you can look past the screwey pricing this course does offer massive value for an extremely low price.  Our favorite part of this course was the Short Sale Audio and Short Sale Secrets sections plus you’ll get a ton of other great stuff including:

    • Tax Free Returns

    • 50 Nothing Down Techniques

    • Short Sale Audio

    • Tax Lien Audio

    • Real Estate Power Forms

To check out this low prices system Click Here


30 Day 100% Money Back



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Be A Real Estate Heavyweight

Be A Real Estate Heavyweight is an awesome real estate resource from one of the industries best and brightest Dan Auito.

Dan assembled a group of top names in real estate and then putting each of them to work for you.  Here are just a few names who have contributed to this awesome book.

  • Steve Cook
  • Richard Roop
  • Dave Lindahl
  • Alan Cowgill
  • William Bronchick
  • Don Derosa

Each of these real estate icons were set free to lay out their best tips of the trade just for you.  Dan is a class act and this is a class product.  No real estate library should be without this awesome guide.

To get your guide simply Click Here


60 Day 100% Money Back


$97 (350+Pages 14 CD’s)

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Ultimate Wholesaling System

Ultimate Wholesaling System is perhaps the best “No Money Down” investing packages online today.  Real estate wholesaling is one of the last no cash, no credit, no risk investing strategies available.

If your interested in learning to wholesale homes (becoming a real estate middleman) than you must give this course a try.  Not only will you learn real estate wholesaling, but you’ll also get 6 for 1 course pricing on these:

    • Ultimate Wholesaling System

    • Ultimate Bird Dog System

    • Housing Panic Profit System

    • Negotiation Nemesis System

    • Real Estate Success Formula

    • Ultimate Real Estate Goal System

For just $97 you’ll get 6 for 1 Pricing on these best selling investing courses.  It ends up being like 14 CD’s with 300+ pages of investing information.

To get 6 for 1 Course pricing click here

Our readers have purchased these courses and hold them in extremely high regards.  We have also bought and reviewed each of these courses and would recommend them to our mothers.  If we wouldn’t recommend them ot our mothers, we won’t recommend them to you.